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AEG Services

AEG is the only broker in Asia-Pacific that has the binding authority from Insurance Market of London. We are specialized for valuable items insurance such as gold, diamond, colour stone, jewelry, etc. as well as provide property insurance for all the properties.

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Courier Service

Jewel Express Co., Ltd.

Personalized shipping service for valuable goods with door-to-door service. Jewel Express has special expertise in personal carry and small parcels to/from Thailand to all other countries around the world. Insurance terms can be adjusted to each and every parcel.

Why shall you use Jewel Express?

  • Authorized partner for FedEx and DHL
  • Convenient, fast and secured
  • Covering imports, exports and logistics
  • Specialized for valuable goods
  • All parcels will be insured by insurance market of London

FAQs – Courier

How do you export goods?

All you need is to prepare some document, such as your Passport or ID card, and/or a few other company documents to us. Then we will do the Customs Paperless Registration for you, and you are then good to go.

How do you import goods?

Prepare the Invoice and Airway Bills, or the Custom Storage Form given by the Customs at the airport to us, then we perform the clearance for you, completely done within 24 hours.

The jewelry and stones are subject to VAT 7% tax.

What details of goods are needed to do any import/export?

It is important to provide us the Value, Destination, and Type of Courier – such as Door to Door, Personal Carry, or others.

Do we have Door to Door services?

We have Door to Door services in Hong Kong, Israel, Turkey, and other countries worldwide.

Where do we collect the parcel?

We collect the parcel at your doorstep for your most convenience.

What is our specialty in sending?

We specialize in Personal Carry, that allows you to carry the goods with you to any destination globally at your most convenience.
We also have small parcels shipment to every country worldwide.

What are the prices?

To answer this, we need the weight, value, type, mean of transportation you would like to take. After we get all of this, we will quote to you as soon as possible.

Can you send document through us?

Absolutely, we can send documents to any countries globally.

Who is our business partner?

We are the official partner of FedEx and DHL to normal to medium value parcels, and professional couriers for valuable cargo in most of the countries worldwide.

Confidentiality of the customer information?

All of customer information are fully confidential, it is not shared to ANY third parties.

For other enquiries, please contact us at +66 (0) 2238 4561 to 3