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AEG Services

AEG is the only broker in Asia-Pacific that has the binding authority from Insurance Market of London. We are specialized for valuable items insurance such as gold, diamond, colour stone, jewelry, etc. as well as provide property insurance for all the properties.

Security System



Smart Locker

Security System

Anglo East Surety (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

‘AEG Security System’ includes installing and monitoring a full range of security devices for a better level of protection. We will customize security Protection Plans to suit each client’s individual needs.

AEG Security Services

‘AEG Surveillance’

AEG high standard alarm system which comes with 24-hour monitoring by AEG CMS (in-house central-monitoring system) who will coordinate with all official security departments when there are any suspicions to assure you, your business and assets are safe so you can always feel at ease.

1. Intruder Alarm System

At AEG, we use ‘tri-sensor’ technology which detects motion, temperature and mass at the same time. Using this technology, our system will be able to differentiate human beings from other living things promptly. Therefore, we guarantee 99.99% NO FALSE ALARM, with the Gold Award from Hong Kong Police Force-Crime Prevention Bureau.

In case of any emergency situation, there will be a hold-up button for clients to contact us 24/7. If there are any suspicions, the AEG guard, Police, Fire Fighter and all official security departments will be contacted to go to the scene right away.

2. Fire Alarm System

We monitor 24/7 if the clients fire alarm system is working properly or not. Using smoke and heat detector together, clients can assure the accuracy of our system.

3. CCTV Networks

AEG CCTV network systems uses full HD camera which can see clearly both in the light and in the darkness. In case of electric cut off, AEG CCTV network is still able to operate up to 1 hour.

Due to clients privacy, AEG does not monitor CCTV but clients can monitor it 24/7 from anywhere using AEG application.

4. Electronic Locking & Access Control System

Top quality access control system which come with variety of choices to match each and every need of client preferences. AEG provides these choices :

  • Smart card reader
  • Finger scanner
  • Vein scanner 
  • Face scanner
  • Eyes scanner

Why shall you use the AEG security system?

  • Customized security protection plans to suit each client’s individual needs
  • Personalized assistance in designing security system
  • Technical support on alarm installation and programming
  • Free reparation support throughout warranty period
  • 24/7 alarm signal monitoring by AEG CMS
  • 99.99% no false alarm guaranteed
  • Specialized for gems & jewelry block, gold shops and factories for over 34 years

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